Creating an ecosystem for women digitally to reduce gender gaps through domestic violence advocacy, earning a sustainable income and community building.


Our mission is to :
1. Create a safe digital platform to learn and build an interdependent community that can strive together.
2. To break down gender barriers and enable women to earn an income towards financial independence.
3. To enable women to embrace their full potential to achieve personal & professional growth.

Core Values

At Mom's Village, our core values are:
1. Visionary: We embrace innovation and think beyond the ordinary.
2. Respectful: We value diversity and treat each other with respect.
3. Empathy: We approach our work with understanding and compassion.
4. Integrity: We uphold honesty and ethical behavior in all we do.
5. Sustainability: We strive for long-term positive impact.
6. Community-centered: We prioritize the needs and aspirations of our community.
These values guide us as we empower women and build a supportive community.

Mom’s Village is a social enterprise conceived in 2018 and incorporated into
Moms Village Asia Sdn Bhd (202301002792(1496711-W). We started off as a
child-friendly co-working space and pivoted along the way to address the
current needs of the community. We envisioning Empowering women
through a Digital Village, Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.

Here are some reasons why women should choose Moms Village Asia for their growth:

A supportive community

Moms Village Asia is a community of women who support each other through the ups and downs in our daily life. We offer a safe space where women can connect, ask questions, and share their experiences. This community can inspire, motivate, and comfort everyone who feels isolated or overwhelmed. 

Expert advice

Moms Village Asia has a team of experts who offer advice on various topics, including parenting, health, business, holistic and career. These experts are qualified professionals with years of experience in their respective fields. They provide evidence-based advice to help women make informed decisions about their lives.

Events and workshops

Moms Village Asia organizes events and workshops to help women grow and develop. These events cover various topics, including parenting skills, career advancement, and personal development. Mothers can learn new skills by attending these events, networking with other women, and gaining inspiration and motivation.

Relevant Content

Moms Village Asia publishes articles and blog posts on topics relevant to Women in Asia. These topics include parenting, career, health, and personal growth. The platform also features interviews with successful women who share their stories and insights.

A safe space for women

Moms Village Asia is where women can be themselves without fear of judgment or criticism. We promote a culture of inclusivity and respect where all women are welcomed and valued. This safe space can be a source of comfort for women who may feel judged or marginalized in other areas of their lives.

In conclusion, Moms Village Asia is a platform that offers women in Asia the support, advice, and resources they need to grow and thrive. Women can join a supportive community by choosing Moms Village Asia, accessing expert advice, reading relevant content, attending events and workshops, and enjoying a safe space to be themselves.

Our Eco-friendly Product 

Magic Seed is a brand under Moms Village Asia Sdn Bhd. It is a unique, eco-conscious and innovative product that has gained popularity among people and corporate organizations who champion Environmental and social governance (ESG) as parts of their framework.

This product perfectly exemplifies how technology and sustainability can work together. Magic Seed is a type of plantable products that can be planted and grown into plants. This product is made from recycled paper and is embedded with seeds of various plants. When the product is planted, it sprouts into a beautiful and vibrant plant. We have various products such as Seed paper, Seed Pencil and Pens, Recycle Paper Seedpods, Soils Seedbombs and customized Gifting packages.

Our News

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Our Team

Vatsala Nair Manoharan

Chief Visionary Officer / Social Impact Director

Vatsala Nair Manoharan, a Community Enabler who is on a mission to empower women through financial independence. She firmly believes that women can take control of their lives by recognising their worth. Vatsala launched the #10Ringgit campaign to inspire women to break free from abusive relationships and achieve self-sufficiency. The campaign has taken off and encouraged countless individuals to create positive change. With a degree in Biomedicine and qualifications as an HRDF and Gender-Based Violence Trainer, Vatsala is a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise.

Roselin Das

Chief Operations Officer / Digital Marketing Wizard

Roselin Das a pro at providing stellar training and mentorship to entrepreneurs and startups in Social Media Marketing and Platform Optimization. With over 10,000 individuals trained, she’s a top Entrepreneurship trainer and the principal trainer for a government project. Roselin has also trained many corporate companies to succeed. Armed with a degree in Mass Communication, and certification as an HRDF Trainer and Professional Digital Marketing Trainer/Mentor, she’s pursuing her Masters in Digital Marketing for more significant expertise. Roselin is a force to be reckoned with! 

Sugidha Nithiananthan

Chief Happiness Officer

Sugidha Nithiananthan, a top 15% graduate in Law from National University of Singapore in 1988, spent 15 years in private legal practice in Singapore. After that spent about 10 years as an in-house General Counsel for the Tolaram Group, leading the legal teams on an infrastructure project to build a deep-sea port in Lagos, Nigeria (the Lekki Port Project). She now runs her own business consulting company and is also the Director of Advocacy, Research and Communications at AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research), a non-profit organization in Singapore.


Our Achievements


1. Social Enterprise Bootcamp 2019, Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre.
2. Ecosystem Builder 2019/2020, Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre.
3. MITRA Social Enterprise Business Assistance 2019.
4. Social Innovation Fellowship - NGO hub.




1. Capacity Building for Social Entrepreneurs in SE Asia, AVPN / British Council / Social Enterprise Academy.
2. Active Citizenship / Social Enterprise Academy  Malaysia. 
3. EMPACT baSEcamp Mentorship Programme 2021/EMPACT Pte Ltd, Singapore.
4. Stimulating Entrepreneurship and Business Growth Programme In SEA / AVPN & Moody.

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Love From Our Tribe


Our Impact in 2021 (During COVID - 19 Pandemic)


Hotline, SMS/WhatsApp, and 
email consultations


Women and Children obtained refuge 


Case Management Interventions

Led Campaigns resulting in government commitment to enact gender equality legislation and improve employment laws for women.

Join our community, it takes only few minutes. 

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