We create Customised & Personalised Eco-friendly Products for celebrations and business promotions made of recycled paper to reduce waste that grows into wildflowers, herbs or vegetables. Let’s Go GREEN. Magic Seed is also an initiative to offer beneficiaries an opportunity to earn a decent living through making these eco-friendly giftings.

Amidst all the challenges we have faced last year, it is acts of kindness that shine through. People came together (from a distance) to look out for each other, spread joy, and do good. As we look forward to many good things to come in 2022, we also know environmental efforts suffered in 2021. That means it’s time for us all, as individuals and as businesses, to step up and take action where we can. The products in this catalogue will share the joy and help businesses connect with people as well as do something positive for the planet.

Eco-friendly Products

Problem & Threat

  1. Every month, over 57,000 tonnes of paper which can occupy 456,000 cubic metres of landfill space are thrown into landfills in Malaysia, the equivalent of chopping down 680,000 trees of marketable size.
  2. Another Problem with current gifting trends at celebrations is that sometimes is a waste because it is not valued by guest e.g Invitation cards gets thrown away after the wedding is over.
  3. UNHEALTHY sweets as a gifting option that is a risk for alarming diabetes rate in Malaysia, 3.6 million Malaysians are suffering from diabetes, the highest rate of incidence in Asia.
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Our green promotions and plantable business gifts are eco-friendly and budget-friendly! Each product uses plantable paper or pencils, a biodegradable eco-paper developed by Magic Seed that is made with post-consumer material embedded with seeds. When the recipient plants the promotional product, it grows into wildflowers, herbs, or veggies and leaves no waste behind.

Seed-Pencil – Eco-friendly Products

Our eco-friendly pencils, just like the rest of our products, can also be planted! Once you have consumed the pencil, you can plant the top end where the seeds are patiently waiting. Our plantable seed pencil will germinate and you’ll have a new plant to care for at home.

With these plantable seed pencils, we continue to make it possible for companies to bring nature closer to their customers, through ecological, innovative and creative merchandising. Customizable, eco-friendly and plantable seed pencil. We help companies think about eco-friendly options for their promotional gifts. This is one of the reasons why created this 100% sustainable alternative to the polluting plastic pen.

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Plantable Paper-Eco-friendly Products

Seed paper is a special eco paper made from post-consumer materials. When you plant the paper in a pot of soil or outside in a garden, the seeds in the paper germinate and grow into plants. The paper itself will biodegrade and no waste will be left behind. Only flowers, herbs or even veggies benefit the Earth.

Seed paper is an eco-friendly choice because it is:

• made of recycled paper waste turned into pulp

• embedded with seeds that grow plants for important pollinators

• a zero-waste alternative for virgin paper products

• compostable, so it leaves no waste behind.

How do businesses use seed paper?

Seed paper is extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways. Here are a few common reasons clients choose plantable promotions:

1. To show appreciation or gratitude with a gardening gift that is uplifting and mood-boosting.

2. To communicate an environmental commitment.

3. To symbolize the concept of growing together, working together, and organizational growth.

4. To encourage positive actions from employees and stakeholders.

5. To get noticed with something different.

6. To focus on the positive aspects of a brand

What is seed paper?
Recycled paper embedded with seeds that will grow into a plant.

Special Note About Printing

Seed paper is comparable to an 85 lb cover weight but varies slightly in thickness. It has smooth, trimmed edges and can be used for professional offset printing, as well as home or office printing using a top loading inkjet printer. As we cannot guarantee quality prints with all printers, we recommend ordering a few sheets to test first.

Customised Seed Bombs – Recycled Paper

Our paper seed bombs are embossed with a brand or logo customised as per clients’ needs or requirements. We also welcome recycled papers from companies who want to do this as part of their sustainability effort. Here’s a sample work.

Choose your seed

You can choose from all the below seed for the product that you need from us.

Our Commitment

Magic Seed is committed to running our business in a way that helps the environment and benefits the community in which we’ve been “planted”.

Here is a snapshot of some of the things that we do:

Our Clients

Get in Touch with us:-

Advocacy | Empowerment | Community Building 

Moms Village aims to transform the lives of disempowered women through an Easy, Self Paced short Entrepreneurial Programme Digitally. We enable no-income women from all socioeconomic groups who are financially dependent to earn at least Rm 10 per day. We facilitate her to rebuild her self-worth and be Self Sustainable through our 3 pillars, which are Advocacy, Empowerment and Community Building.

Thus allowing them to rediscover their self-worth and to start up businesses from home with limited resources and investment they have. We aim to reduce women depending on shelter homes when they walk out of abusive marriages or survive crisis. We cater for a home-based and low-cost start-ups with mini self-paced entrepreneurial programme and mentorship that helps from ideation, and validation, increasing their digital visibility to earning revenue while increasing their household income by 20 – 30%.

We also host workshops and community based events to build skills, improve socioeconomic status and self-empowerment for all genders and age groups. Moms Village also offers eco-friendly gift aways and other merchandise through our brand Magic Seed. This is an initiative to offer beneficiaries an opportunity to earn a decent living through making and selling eco-friendly giftings that gives value to people, planet and celebrations.  

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